Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horse Slaughtered

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later…well then…Good Night!

I have received many emails regarding the theft and slaughter of our pets and livestock. Protect your animals; watch out for your neighbors’ animals and belongings. Times are very tough for the unemployed. People are doing desperate things but it should not be at the expense of Southwest Ranches neighbors.

Our neighborhoods are very quite during the day, our animals are vulnerable, please keep your eyes open and be suspicious of people or things out of place. Your child's horse, goats, chickens or turkeys may be next.

Dear Horse lovers,

I’m sure you are aware of the increase of horses stolen and later found slaughtered in the area of Krome and 168 Street. Well this is my story last Friday February 27th my horse Geronimo, a beautiful painted quarter horse, was stolen from the pasture where he was grazing on 168 Street and208 Avenue , one of the neighbors said that the last time they saw him was that morning around 7am. A few hours later they went to get him and he was nowhere to be found. A police report was filed with Ag Patrol, the officer that took my report told me that he didn’t want to alarm me but the horses are being stolen for their meat, needless to say I was alarmed and in disbelief.

Sadly to say my horse was found on March 5th in the field across from where he was last seen, 2-300 yards inward, he had been tied to a palm tree and slaughtered right there. The blood was splattered all along the side of the palm tree. You can just imagine my dismay, Geronimo was my pride and joy and my dear companion. He was not found earlier because he was covered with palm frowns, it wasn’t until someone stumbled on his head that he was found. Jeff Burnside from Channel 6 NBC, interviewed me earlier that morning and we wanted to make sure this was made public, in the hopes that I could have him returned to me safe and sound. Later that day he met me again on the sight where Geronimo was found. He met officers of the Ag Patrol as well as Richard Couto .

I need to make this public; I need all the help I can get. This is something that needs to be stopped, my horse was very well taken care of and I loved him dearly, he was a member of the family. I have attached a photo of Geronimo as well as a photo of where he was found. I’m sure Richard has more graphic photos; I just could not bear seeing him that way. Any assistance you can provide to make this horrific news public would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want his death to be in vain. Thanking you in advance for your help.
Ivonne Rodriguez Miami Florida 33186305-219-9315

That's all Folks!!!

Wanch Waggler

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:

I was recently forwarded by a friend here in Southwest Ranches the very sad story of your horse, Geronimo. You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved horse. I truly cannot even begin to think how I would feel if that happened to one of my large animals.

I know words of sympathy for your loss will do nothing to ease your pain, however those responsible for this horrific crime will be judged; if not sooner then rest assured, later.

Have faith in the energy that you believe in whether it be God or the Universe and know your pet and family member Geronimo appreciated your love and kindness while he was here on this earth.

In Deepest Sympathy,