Monday, December 29, 2008

Town Council Meeting on 1/8/09

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends, Neighbors and "Break the Chain" supporters:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later...well then...Good Night!

The Town of Southwest Ranches regular meeting agenda for Thursday, January 8th, 2009 has discussion item # DSC-4 listed as: PROPOSED "BREAK THE CHAIN" ANTI-TETHERING ORDINANCE

This is a very welcome and appreciated reconsideration of a proposed ordinance that would ban the cruel chaining of dogs. The concept of "Break the Chain" was originally presented to the Town of Southwest Ranches on December 13th,2007 and will now have the opportunity to be considered as an ordinance for the Town of Southwest Ranches.

As many of you may be aware, Miami-Dade County recently passed an almost identical ordinance that bans the cruel chaining of dogs countywide. Unfortunately, here in Broward County, it is still incumbent on the individual City or Town to create legislation that would ban the cruel chaining of dogs because Broward County (the county) refuses to consider countywide legislation, even refusing to acknowledge constituents requests for clarification.

We are hopeful that the Town of Southwest Ranches will become the 13th municipality in Broward County that shows compassion for our four legged friends. The Humane Society of Broward County has worked tirelessly since May of 2005 educating the public about the cruelties of chaining dogs and has witnessed over a third of Broward County municipalities creating laws to protect our cruelly chained dogs, and laws that protect our children should they wander into an area of an illegally/cruelly chained dog.

I encourage each and every one of you who receives this e-mail to forward it to all of your friends and neighbors (even if you don’t live in the Town of Southwest Ranches) and show up Thursday evening at 7:00PM on January 8th, 2009 to join in the discussion and voice your support for both the Town of Southwest Ranches’ lawmakers and this proposed ordinance that would benefit our four legged friends. Southwest Ranches Town Council Meeting Thursday January 8th, 2009 7:00PM 6591 SW 160 Avenue (Dykes Road) Southwest Ranches, Florida 33331
That's all Folks!!!
Wanch Waggler

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Expansion of Town Advisory Boards

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later...well then...Good Night!

I'm confused. Maybe I am alone in this confusion; maybe some of you join me in this confusion. Maybe some of you could care less. What is up with arbitrarily increasing the numbers of appointments of people on Town Boards just so people who were not appointed (ostensibly for good reason) can get appointed. The Parks board recently increased its number from 9 appointed positions to 11 appointed positions just to get Lil Sayer appointed to the board.

I have a huge problem with this. We the people have made our decisions with regard to the people who have overstayed their welcome and caused so much trouble within the town. Any contribution that they have made in the past came with a price, and I, for one, am NOT willing to pay the price again.

We are barely a month into the new leadership of this town and we are going back to the same backroom dealings that we successfully enlightened our residents that this is the kind of crap they we are no longer interested in.

I respect the person who asked for the increase in the numbers of appointments to the parks board, but I am disappointed that this obvious increase in appointments was a move to placate one or two residents.

I have had quite enough of Lil Sayer. I have had quite enough of her modus operandi of putting the bugs in peoples ears, letting them take the heat, and then slipping back into the role of "queen puppeteer" with no blood on her hands.

I was very surprised to see the Mayor appoint Leslie Thiele to an at-large seat since he observed her contrariness as Council liaison to the Comp Plan Board. We don’t need a mayor with a big heart, we just had eight year of that nonsense. We need a leader who is willing to put personalities aside and make the tough choices. Leslie Thiele’s appointment was about hurt feelings and not the injurious effect she will have on the Comp Plan Board.

I would like to see a review of this "procedure" that it seems that our town council (and I believe the increase of the parks board was a unanimous vote among the council members) can "wave a wand" and poof...the people we wanted off the committee is right back on the committee.

I'm not as forgiving as it appears the council is. Lil Sayer sits on the Broward County Animal Control Board and advises against an ordinance that would ban the cruel chaining of dogs. Ask disgraced former Council Member Don Maines, I'm sure that's some "advise" he wished he never taken.

Lil Sayer ran the Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association into the ground, without one iota of regret or remorse and "misplaced" all of the books that 40 years worth of the SRHA had, simply saying, "I can't find them.”

Lil Sayer and Leslie Thiele, along with Susan Winn, made the Comp Planning Board, a complete waste of time and absolutely impaired any progress. To knowingly reappoint these people to these boards is a travesty bordering on immorality and an affront to those intending to serve with honest intentions. The behavior these people exhibited at board meetings would get them fired on a paying job, kicked out of an interest clubs (dog breeders, orchids, political), and ostracized from a family group. Unfortunately, in Southwest Ranches, we encourage this appalling conduct by asking then to continue to disrupt the good work of other town residents. It’s no wonder that the same tired souls serve year after year. These wonks and hacks that push their narrow, self-serving, misguided agendas scare off any new blood. Instead of service on a board being an honor to many participants, it becomes a drudge that many feel is not worth their time.

I do not want Lil Sayer on ANY boards! Leslie Thiele should not be allowed to continue to disrupt the Com Plan Board with her whining about her personal vendettas against the nurserymen. Why is it that this is being allowed? The Council should reconsider the expansion of two committees for people that do not feel that it is an honor to serve but an entitlement. An entitlement to continue their malfeasance, their misconduct, and wrongdoing in a public role. Please someone who reads this, explain why the council will allow this improper, dishonest conduct, by people who hold a position of trust, to me by going to and leave a comment after this post.

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays, even though it may sound like I'm carrying a grudge, I'm not. I'm carrying a message of sanity and the hope of moving forward leaving behind the baggage that is no longer needed.

That's all Folks!!!
Wanch Waggler

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wasserman-Rubin faces fallout from Commons vote

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later…well then…Good Night!

Wasserman-Rubin faces fallout from Commons vote

> Posted by Scott Wyman at 11:39 AM in the Sun Sentinel

Tuesday's vote on the mega-project in Davie called The Commons could prove costly to County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.

Opponents of The Commons targeted Wasserman-Rubin's vote, seeing her as key on the nine-member commission and someone who should be favorable to their side because she lives in nearby Southwest Ranches. They saw their desire to protect a more rural lifestyle as similar to what Wasserman-Rubin has long protected in her own neighborhood.
But Wasserman-Rubin refused to help kill the 152-acre shopping village. She voted to send the developers' proposal to state regulators for review, continuing its movement through the lengthy permitting process.

Weston Mayor Eric Hersh said Wednesday that he is exploring a challenge to Wasserman-Rubin's re-election to her southwest Broward District 8 seat in 2010. Weston city officials opposed The Commons because of the traffic congestion.

A political novice received 42 percent of the vote against Wasserman-Rubin in 2006, and Hersh would pose a much more formidable challenge. As mayor, he'd have name recognition and an ability to raise the large amounts of cash needed for the campaign.
"I'm extremely disturbed that our district representative would not represent the district and would sell out to the lobbyists and the developers," Hersh said. "Weston has been a big supporter of hers, but we can't afford six more years of this type of representation."


December 9, 2008
FDOT doesn't favor interchange changes for Davie Commons

> Posted by Scott Wyman at 2:50 PM

With a vote on the Davie Commons project just minutes away, state transportation officials have rebuffed ideas to revamp an interchange on Interstate 75 to serve the development.
County commissioners face a packed house this afternoon and must decide whether to give their tentative approval to the project. Much concern has focused on the limited ability of people to enter and exit the major development.

Developers had proposed two options at the request of Weston to the Florida Department of Transportation for the interchange at Interstate 75 and Royal Palm Boulevard. James Wolfe, the district secretary of FDOT, sent a letter to lawyers for the development today saying that FDOT did not recommend either proposal.

That's All Folks!
Wanch Waggler

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The gang who can’t shoot straight and Davie Commons supported by our Commissioner, can you believe it

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later…well then…Good Night!

What in the world is up with our BSO? Last week they removed one of our residents from a very successful educational campaign on the word of an ousted, disgraced town councilman and now this week they allow the wackiest resident in Sunshine Ranches to tell BSO where they can and cannot parked a marked unit!

You read it right.

BSO moved the Citizen Observer Patrol vehicle from its parked location because a resident (who I have NEVER seen astride a horse) complained that the stationary vehicle frightened horses and it was a hazard to all horse people. This was not an anonymous complaint. You can go to to see who this equestrian minded resident is. It seems her neighbors love her just as much as she loves her neighbors!

If the BSO continues on this path of listening to residents who should really have no skin in the game, what will be next? Will the deputy who is using his radar equipment in his vehicle be required to move every time a horse comes by? Will the benches along the twice-heralded multi-purpose mound of dirt along the C-11 canal now have to be removed because they are a very frightening stationary object? Will the American flags that may be flapping too snappily have to come down to accommodate horse riders?

You know what folks, many of our fellow Ranchers ride horses. We have ridden horses for much longer than most of these neighborhood Nazis have been in the Ranches much less ridden horses, and before any of us plop our butt on a horses back, we make sure that we have control of the animal. If any experienced riders thought for one moment that anything out there would be much too frightening for their horse to cope with, the horse would remain in the paddock.

This latest attempt is by the bunch of Don Maines supporters who just can't get past the loss. And no, I don't think there is a Maines support hidiing behind every tree, there are ususally fund under rocks. On this one can can connect the people to him easily enough. Now they have resumed attacking the "good and decent" people who volunteer their time to make the ranches a little safer. Can you imagine this? Complaining about something that ultimately helps them as well as all other residents but just because they think in their diluted minds that this is some kind of victory for them, they do it.

What bothers me is the BSO LISTENED TO THEM! First the removal of a resident from a successful and positive educational campaign because he is a resident of Southwest Ranches, gay, and attacked by an ousted town council member Maines, even though he successfully defended himself in the internal affairs investigation initiated by Maines (who by the way identified the resident as being gay in his sworn testimony against the resident in the internal affairs investigation as did his concubine in a sworn affidavit in 2007). And now this...a big SCARY stationary police car was moved because of their ludicrous complaints.

Well guess what folks? I just decided that there is something that horses are VERY frightened of. You know what scares horses more than anything does. Those big SCARY hay trucks that park along Volunteer road and Luray road. So now, every time I see one of those hay trucks parked along the swale, I will be calling the police to complain that it is a hazard to horse safety. And that's how it works folks. They make these ridiculous complaints and they ALWAYS backfire in their faces. If you see the 18-wheeler hay truck parked on a swale near you, please call the police to protect our horses and riders.

On the topic of Davie Commons, Diana Wasserman-Rubin voted "FOR" the Davie commons project. If she had voted against it, it would have failed. She claims that a survey of Southwest Ranches residents were all for it. BULL! Council members Freddy Fisikelli and Doug McKay and Mary Gay, all speaking out against the project, but it seems to have been ignored. The survey was probably presented to her and her husband's political and business cronies, you know the Canada Crew, Ira Cor, and the person who lives on US 27! It's baffling that a county commissioner who lives in our town would vote against this. However, remember she was identified as part of our town's little machine so there must be money in the Davie Common's project. Gee, I wonder who will be doing the site work with their heavy equipment. Hum, I wonder if a fallen cowboy who rides a spotted horse will be there for the ribbon cutting and of course taking all the credit. I guess that it will be a no-brainer who will not get our support in the next election.

That's All Folks!

Wanch Waggler

Monday, December 8, 2008

YOUR PARTICIPATION REQUESTED - Davie Commons up for a vote by the County on Tuesday 12/9.

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later…well then…Good Night!

Tomorrow Tuesday, December 9, 2008, at 2 PM, Davie wants to give you your Christmas present early. They have an agenda item in front of the county commission to recommend the Commons Development of Regional Impact, to the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs (Davie Commons).

This project will have significant impact to you as a resident in a number of ways:
1. Widening Dykes Road to a four-lane highway from Weston to Pines. How's that for a cut-through road.
2. Tying Royal Palm Blvd into the Commons routing traffic through to Weston Rd, Bonaventure Blvd, and Griffin Road.
3. Possibly running a bridge over the canal to tie Shotgun Rd into Griffin Rd.

What this means for Davie, millions in tax dollars generated by 151 acres of what's now farmland.
What this means for Weston, millions in tax dollars from spill over sales from shoppers for doing nothing to stop it.
What this means for Southwest Ranches, thousand of cars every weekend cutting through our town to spend their money with our neighbors.

You can find out all of the details by clicking on the following link and then clicking on the 12/9 Broward County Commission Public Hearing, then go to the botton and look up the details of agenda item #39.

If you support this regional development, do nothing at least get educated on the issue. If you are against the detrimental effect Davie Commons will have on your Town, lifestyle, security, and safety then contact your County Commission Diana Wasserman-Rubin now. Let her know you are against this development. She believes she is the swing vote and needs to hear from you right away. Her email address is

Please send her an email stating that you do not support agenda item #38.which is a motion to adopt a resolution to transmit a proposed amendment to the Broward County Land Use Plan map (PC 07-14), located in the Town of Davie, relating to The Commons Development of Regional Impact, to the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.

If you don't want to spend the time, please cut and paste the following and send it to her urgently at the above email address. If you can attend the meeting at the county commission chambers on Tuesday 12/9 at 2 PM speak out against this treat to our community.

Dear Commissioner Wasserman-Rubin,

As member of the affected community of Southwest Ranches and a neighbor of yours, I respectfully ask that you vote against resolution #39 a motion to adopt a resolution to transmit a proposed amendment to the Broward County Land Use Plan map (PC 07-14), located in the Town of Davie, relating to The Commons Development of Regional Impact, on the 12/9/08 Commission Agenda.

We believe that this development of regional impact significantly affect our community and will degrade our quality of life and debase the reasons most resident chose to locate their families here.
I appreciate your support on this issue by voting against this item and preserving the lifestyle I provide my family.

(your name and address)

That's All Folks!

Wanch Waggler

Poor Al

Poor Al
Poor Al Avello regularly chooses the wrong cause. Poor Al ran for office two years ago. Poor Al did so in a disrespectful way. Poor Al tried turning the Latin community against the non-Hispanics and lost the race to the better man.

Poor Al got the former Mayor to create an education advisory board so poor Al could have an “important” job and some visibility for next time he wants to run. Poor Al was appointed chair of this board. Poor Al had a program to keep our kids going to Cypress Bay. His plan had no substance, he lost this one too, he failed, and our kids go to West Broward.

Poor Al lately tried to get his friend elected, you know his buddy EX-council member Maines. Al wanted in; he wanted to be part of the machine. Poor Al was the campaign manager and treasurer again for the losing side. Some believe that Al was responsible for the alleged KKK endorsement brochures that were found in the bushes on poor Al’s street. Many have come forward saying the Latin card was attempted again in this election. What we do know is that poor Al filed a complaint with the Florida Election commission regarding the Wanch’s political opinions published during the election and lost that one too according to the FEC web site. When poor Al files someone filed against poor Al’s candidate for running an illegal advertisement that left off the paid political advertisement. This happened right after poor Al sent a “scathing,” rambling email criticizing the Wanch for not putting paid political advertisement at the bottom of my emails. Poor Al, here a news flash, I am not paid! How about you poor Al, are you paid? Don Maine’s final campaign treasures report notes that you were paid $1000. Was that for services rendered as treasurer and campaign manager? Was it repayment of a loan? Better fess up. If its repayment then you will have, another complaint filed with the FEC, if it’s for services rendered better file with the IRS. If it is for services rendered, than good job, your opposition could not have asked for a better deal.

Finally, poor Al could not hold back his animosity any longer. The day after the election, he quit his post on the education advisory board, and the board too. Poor Al didn’t have the guts to come to the swearing in ceremony after the elections, and Poor Al only climbed out from under his rock to criticize the Wanch Waggler for everything wrong except global warming.

If you would like to see some comedy tonight, please watch poor Al, the buffoon, crying foul during Public comment and blaming it all on Wanch Waggler! Tune in to Comcast channel 78 tonight (12/08/2008) at 7:30 PM. Graceful losers fade to obscurity or come back and try harder to do good things. Poor Al had no alternatives in his mind but to storm out the meeting, immediately after say his sour-grapes piece, to retire under his rock!

That's All Folks!

Wanch Waggler