Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apology Accepted

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don’t see you later…well then…Good Night!

From the emails I have received I know many of you are eager to read the next bunch of Wanch Waggler email advisories. The “intel” so to speak, must all be verified before I will put it out there. I think you know me by now, if it ain’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth it is not going to be published by me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the upcoming editions of Wanch Waggler will blow you away.

For right now though I will digress to another subject. Previously I wrote about my disappointment with what I believed to be shortsightedness on the part of one of our elected officials. At the Town of Southwest Ranches Town Council meeting on May 7th, 2009 a public apology by this councilman was made. As individuals it is up to you whether you see fit to accept his apology. For me, apology accepted.

Councilman Fisikelli made not even be aware that I, as a real person, have looked into his eyes. The eyes speak volumes and are the portico for a peek into the soul. Freddie Fisikelli is a good soul and that is why I was so disappointed with his misstep with regard to what I considered to be public “disservice” statement. We all have bad days. We all have said something we wish we could shove back into our pieholes once we’ve verbalized it, but not everyone has the strength of character to admit to a mistake. Mr. Fisikelli admitted that he made a mistake and he apologized for it. Case closed.

If only others could capture the concept of admitting to an error and moving on, we would be much less mired in controversy and ill will.

Now then, on the other hand, the people whom I will soon be splashing onto the front pages of the upcoming Wanch Waggler publications have no concept of what I just spoke about. The people of whom I will speak in the next few editions of Wanch Waggler have made hate, lies, vindictiveness, retaliation and prejudice into some kind of an art form or a way of life if you will. How do I know this? Well, apparently the old saying “loose lips sink ships” still applies today. If the people of whom I will soon speak could have kept their collective traps shut after they had teamed up with satin, I would be clueless. But bragging about the evil they have inflicted on some of our residents will get them front page billing very soon.

That’s all Folks!!!

Wanch Waggler


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Satan or satin?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Wanch meant Satan a.k.a. The Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Prince of Darkness, Accursed Dragon, Foul Spirit, Satanic Power