Thursday, December 11, 2008

The gang who can’t shoot straight and Davie Commons supported by our Commissioner, can you believe it

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later…well then…Good Night!

What in the world is up with our BSO? Last week they removed one of our residents from a very successful educational campaign on the word of an ousted, disgraced town councilman and now this week they allow the wackiest resident in Sunshine Ranches to tell BSO where they can and cannot parked a marked unit!

You read it right.

BSO moved the Citizen Observer Patrol vehicle from its parked location because a resident (who I have NEVER seen astride a horse) complained that the stationary vehicle frightened horses and it was a hazard to all horse people. This was not an anonymous complaint. You can go to to see who this equestrian minded resident is. It seems her neighbors love her just as much as she loves her neighbors!

If the BSO continues on this path of listening to residents who should really have no skin in the game, what will be next? Will the deputy who is using his radar equipment in his vehicle be required to move every time a horse comes by? Will the benches along the twice-heralded multi-purpose mound of dirt along the C-11 canal now have to be removed because they are a very frightening stationary object? Will the American flags that may be flapping too snappily have to come down to accommodate horse riders?

You know what folks, many of our fellow Ranchers ride horses. We have ridden horses for much longer than most of these neighborhood Nazis have been in the Ranches much less ridden horses, and before any of us plop our butt on a horses back, we make sure that we have control of the animal. If any experienced riders thought for one moment that anything out there would be much too frightening for their horse to cope with, the horse would remain in the paddock.

This latest attempt is by the bunch of Don Maines supporters who just can't get past the loss. And no, I don't think there is a Maines support hidiing behind every tree, there are ususally fund under rocks. On this one can can connect the people to him easily enough. Now they have resumed attacking the "good and decent" people who volunteer their time to make the ranches a little safer. Can you imagine this? Complaining about something that ultimately helps them as well as all other residents but just because they think in their diluted minds that this is some kind of victory for them, they do it.

What bothers me is the BSO LISTENED TO THEM! First the removal of a resident from a successful and positive educational campaign because he is a resident of Southwest Ranches, gay, and attacked by an ousted town council member Maines, even though he successfully defended himself in the internal affairs investigation initiated by Maines (who by the way identified the resident as being gay in his sworn testimony against the resident in the internal affairs investigation as did his concubine in a sworn affidavit in 2007). And now this...a big SCARY stationary police car was moved because of their ludicrous complaints.

Well guess what folks? I just decided that there is something that horses are VERY frightened of. You know what scares horses more than anything does. Those big SCARY hay trucks that park along Volunteer road and Luray road. So now, every time I see one of those hay trucks parked along the swale, I will be calling the police to complain that it is a hazard to horse safety. And that's how it works folks. They make these ridiculous complaints and they ALWAYS backfire in their faces. If you see the 18-wheeler hay truck parked on a swale near you, please call the police to protect our horses and riders.

On the topic of Davie Commons, Diana Wasserman-Rubin voted "FOR" the Davie commons project. If she had voted against it, it would have failed. She claims that a survey of Southwest Ranches residents were all for it. BULL! Council members Freddy Fisikelli and Doug McKay and Mary Gay, all speaking out against the project, but it seems to have been ignored. The survey was probably presented to her and her husband's political and business cronies, you know the Canada Crew, Ira Cor, and the person who lives on US 27! It's baffling that a county commissioner who lives in our town would vote against this. However, remember she was identified as part of our town's little machine so there must be money in the Davie Common's project. Gee, I wonder who will be doing the site work with their heavy equipment. Hum, I wonder if a fallen cowboy who rides a spotted horse will be there for the ribbon cutting and of course taking all the credit. I guess that it will be a no-brainer who will not get our support in the next election.

That's All Folks!

Wanch Waggler


Anonymous said...

A complaint was filed today with the Broward Sheriff's Office by (twirley pinwheels) Wynn Morris. Twirley claims that when a Citizen Observer Patrol marked vehicle is parked on a swale within Southwest Ranches, it creates a hazard to horse riders!

Twirley Pinwheels Wynn Morris complained to the BSO because a decoy vehicle was placed near a location where a crime had been committed.

Wynn Morris is in the Don Maines, Al Avello, Lil Sayer, Jo Anne Mitchel, Laura Warren, Bill Hensley, Cookie Brownlow, Marlene Garcia-Montez, and Dale Lauretano group of lovlies from the former SRHA board. Now they are attacking crime preventatives in thier own neighborhoods.

These people are whack!

Jo Anne Mitchell continues to "flip off" residents even tho she had to write a letter of apology to a resident for being a HATER. Now Wynn Morris can't shut her trap long enough to allow her group to take a breath.

Buford T. Justice said...

It's no wonder why people like the ousted disgraced town councilman Don Maines, his goofy campaign treasurer Al Avello and the entire FORMER mob of the SRHA lose their positions. They are absolutely out of touch with reality.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and give some advice to the losers.

SHUT UP...JUST SHUT UP...and you can be forgotten. If you insist on stoking the flames of hatred you will continue to be ridiculed. Do yourselves a favor, JUST SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

God Almighty...Winn Morris is a freak!

Anonymous said...

I guess this means that the portable radar trailer that shows the drivers how fast they are going by flashing the speed will no longer be able to be used either. Too horse unfriendly!

I'll bet that thing wasn't cheap either. Now because of a whacky resident it will have to sit and collect dust because it scares horses.