Monday, December 8, 2008

Poor Al

Poor Al
Poor Al Avello regularly chooses the wrong cause. Poor Al ran for office two years ago. Poor Al did so in a disrespectful way. Poor Al tried turning the Latin community against the non-Hispanics and lost the race to the better man.

Poor Al got the former Mayor to create an education advisory board so poor Al could have an “important” job and some visibility for next time he wants to run. Poor Al was appointed chair of this board. Poor Al had a program to keep our kids going to Cypress Bay. His plan had no substance, he lost this one too, he failed, and our kids go to West Broward.

Poor Al lately tried to get his friend elected, you know his buddy EX-council member Maines. Al wanted in; he wanted to be part of the machine. Poor Al was the campaign manager and treasurer again for the losing side. Some believe that Al was responsible for the alleged KKK endorsement brochures that were found in the bushes on poor Al’s street. Many have come forward saying the Latin card was attempted again in this election. What we do know is that poor Al filed a complaint with the Florida Election commission regarding the Wanch’s political opinions published during the election and lost that one too according to the FEC web site. When poor Al files someone filed against poor Al’s candidate for running an illegal advertisement that left off the paid political advertisement. This happened right after poor Al sent a “scathing,” rambling email criticizing the Wanch for not putting paid political advertisement at the bottom of my emails. Poor Al, here a news flash, I am not paid! How about you poor Al, are you paid? Don Maine’s final campaign treasures report notes that you were paid $1000. Was that for services rendered as treasurer and campaign manager? Was it repayment of a loan? Better fess up. If its repayment then you will have, another complaint filed with the FEC, if it’s for services rendered better file with the IRS. If it is for services rendered, than good job, your opposition could not have asked for a better deal.

Finally, poor Al could not hold back his animosity any longer. The day after the election, he quit his post on the education advisory board, and the board too. Poor Al didn’t have the guts to come to the swearing in ceremony after the elections, and Poor Al only climbed out from under his rock to criticize the Wanch Waggler for everything wrong except global warming.

If you would like to see some comedy tonight, please watch poor Al, the buffoon, crying foul during Public comment and blaming it all on Wanch Waggler! Tune in to Comcast channel 78 tonight (12/08/2008) at 7:30 PM. Graceful losers fade to obscurity or come back and try harder to do good things. Poor Al had no alternatives in his mind but to storm out the meeting, immediately after say his sour-grapes piece, to retire under his rock!

That's All Folks!

Wanch Waggler


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO looking forward to some comedy tonight! Great post Wanch!

They just keep giving you the ammo to keep them in the idiotic limelight!

The three stooges...Bevis, Butthead and Cruella De Lil! I guess I can't forget "twirly pinwheels Wynn" (you just had to see her on the street corner and at the polling was freekin hysterical!) Also watching the "rabid Koala" crashing her Jaguar into the back of that monster truck at the polling place right after her and her hubby voted for their man Don Maines! Hey maybe you can get Don Mianes to pay for that "mistake" too!

And let's not forget the middle finger waving, gay hating hag who heckled former sheriff candidate Udolff while he was talking to McKay supporters at the polling place. Quite a team Don Maines had working for him. Karma gets you every time!

Road Apple said...

I'm looking forward to tonight! I've got a kettle of popcorn and friends in the house. Buffoon watching is my favorite Monday night sport.

Keep up the good work Poor Al, you make me laugh so I'll have a longer life.

Let me make it clear Poor Al, I'm laughing AT you not with you.

Deepest regards

Road Apple

Buford T. Justice said...

Al Avello was crying the “Wanch Waggler” blues Thursday night at the Town of SWR Council meeting. If you were not in attendance at the Town Council meeting, please tune in to Comcast channel 78 tonight (Monday December 8, 2008) at 7:30PM to watch Al Avello blame the entire loss of ousted councilman Don Maines on Wanch Waggler. Tune in tonight…it’s never too early to see the actions, words and deeds of the future wannabe candidates for this town. On that same note, it’s never too early for Wanch Waggler to start telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about wannabe candidates who will never be elected to anything remotely related to representing the Town of Southwest Ranches. Go get 'em Wanch!

Al, let’s face it. Politically, you have “screwed the pooch”.

Say Good Night Al.

While we’re on the subject of pooches, it is with great disappointment that I share with you that even after being totally cleared in his Internal Affairs investigation that was initiated by ousted Town Councilman Don Maines, Southwest Ranches resident Tony Vincent was permanently removed last week as the spokesperson for the “Break the Chain” campaign by order of the Sheriff.

It is unclear why after successfully defending himself against bogus charges brought against him by a disgraced and ousted councilman, he was not reinstated to the highly successful “Break the Chain” educational campaign. Sometimes the why and wherefore in decisions like these are best left unsaid by those who make decisions like these.

Personally, I can see where Don Maines will consider this some kind of victory for himself because that’s the kind of guy he is. So congratulations disgraced and ousted town councilman Don Maines, you successfully convinced a newly elected sheriff to discontinue its association with an educational campaign that benefited underprivileged and special need children, 1st graders to seniors, politicians to voters, and animal lovers throughout our county.

And to Sheriff Lamberti, all I can say is, wow are we disappointed. Tony Vincent did an awesome job. He represented your agency with pride and dignity. He spread a message of hope for the end of this common form of animal abuse known as chaining. He did it with “pride in service with integrity” and a passion that I have not seen in others.

To Tony Vincent I say thank you for your commitment to our four legged friends. Aside from ousted town councilman Bevis, his financial advisor wizard Butthead, Cruella de Lil and the political Maines NAGS HAGS, the entire Town thanks you and owes you a debt of gratitude for sticking to what you believed in. Tony, you and Nikki have worked tirelessly for four years bringing this anti-cruelty message to so many children and adults alike. I believe that even though you have been removed from the program the momentum of your message will continue. I am so disappointed to live in the town where you and Nikki reside and it is the Town (well, a disgraced town councilman, not the whole town) that was responsible for your removal from such a good campaign.

Anonymous said...

What a loser. Poor Al dedicated his whole three minutes of public comment time to semantics. Instead of just admitting that Wanch tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth he tried to confused the issues with semantics. Now that’s lame!

I read what Wanch said and I was able to figure it out Al. When Wanch said you caused your candidate to have to pay a fine, we already knew that the Florida Elections Committee fine was a result of Mr. Vincent’s complaint against him. Wanch was just stating the end result. You fired the first shot with your lame complaint to the FEC about the Wanch Waggler emails. A resident said “I’ll teach them to mess with Wanch” and sent in a VALID complaint relating to the same issue of your complaint, political disclaimers. We ALL got it Al. We ALL know Wanch was stating the obvious end result that it was YOUR fault that Mr. Vincent even bothered to send in the FEC complaint that was the “literal” cause of the fine levied against your candidate.

Are you for real?

And the misdemeanor / felony comment. Absurd. Just like Dee Shroeder said, Don Maines was arrested for a Felony(s)in Palm Beach County. That charge was pleaded down to a misdemeanor(s) and tried here in Broward County were Judge Julian (dandy Don’s sister) WAS a judge at the time. As I remember too, she screwed up somewhere along the way and lost her position as a judge. I guess screwing themselves out of positions runs in that family!

Lift the rock…crawl back under. We all ain’t as stupid as you think we are Al and every time you open you mouth you prove that YOU ARE as stupid as we think YOU are!

I’d listen to Wanch Waggler any day of the week over your B.S.