Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wasserman-Rubin faces fallout from Commons vote

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Wasserman-Rubin faces fallout from Commons vote

> Posted by Scott Wyman at 11:39 AM in the Sun Sentinel

Tuesday's vote on the mega-project in Davie called The Commons could prove costly to County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.

Opponents of The Commons targeted Wasserman-Rubin's vote, seeing her as key on the nine-member commission and someone who should be favorable to their side because she lives in nearby Southwest Ranches. They saw their desire to protect a more rural lifestyle as similar to what Wasserman-Rubin has long protected in her own neighborhood.
But Wasserman-Rubin refused to help kill the 152-acre shopping village. She voted to send the developers' proposal to state regulators for review, continuing its movement through the lengthy permitting process.

Weston Mayor Eric Hersh said Wednesday that he is exploring a challenge to Wasserman-Rubin's re-election to her southwest Broward District 8 seat in 2010. Weston city officials opposed The Commons because of the traffic congestion.

A political novice received 42 percent of the vote against Wasserman-Rubin in 2006, and Hersh would pose a much more formidable challenge. As mayor, he'd have name recognition and an ability to raise the large amounts of cash needed for the campaign.
"I'm extremely disturbed that our district representative would not represent the district and would sell out to the lobbyists and the developers," Hersh said. "Weston has been a big supporter of hers, but we can't afford six more years of this type of representation."


December 9, 2008
FDOT doesn't favor interchange changes for Davie Commons

> Posted by Scott Wyman at 2:50 PM

With a vote on the Davie Commons project just minutes away, state transportation officials have rebuffed ideas to revamp an interchange on Interstate 75 to serve the development.
County commissioners face a packed house this afternoon and must decide whether to give their tentative approval to the project. Much concern has focused on the limited ability of people to enter and exit the major development.

Developers had proposed two options at the request of Weston to the Florida Department of Transportation for the interchange at Interstate 75 and Royal Palm Boulevard. James Wolfe, the district secretary of FDOT, sent a letter to lawyers for the development today saying that FDOT did not recommend either proposal.

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Wanch Waggler


Buford T. Justice said...


I guess Ms. Wasserman-Rubin does not quite get it, your dissaproval is tantamount to the political KISS OF DEATH! Silly woman, I guess she did not pay attention to the recent elections of recent SRHA house cleaning.

I have faith that you will be instrumental in taking out the trash come next election. Tell us a bit more about Hersh though please. If he's going to make a run for her seat, is he a trade up at least?

Wanch Waggler said...

Ms. Wassermann-Rubin needs to be tossed out of office. It should be easy to dump her with her poor performance and ethics conviction, although I have heard that she probably will not run again because of some health issues.

Mayor Eric Hersh will only be out for Weston. SWR will rot before we get anything from him. We need someone from the Ranches to run. I would take former Mayor Mecca Fink over Mayor Hersh. A worst case scenario would be the dishonorable Don Maines running. WIth his ego, and Ronnie's backing probably thinks he could win! In that case I would vote for Mayor Hersh. Less of two evils.
-- WW

Buford T. Justice said...

Oh Jeez Wanch,

It is much too early to even mention Don Maines' name again! I just got nauseia!

Just promise us all that if that scumbag Maines decides to run for ANYTHING, even dog catcher (no pun intended), that you will do everything in your GNOME powers to derail his dilusions of grandure.

And what are you talking about, Bergeron's backing? You are more powerful than Bergeron as the last election proved!