Sunday, December 21, 2008

Expansion of Town Advisory Boards

Dear Southwest Ranches Friends and Neighbors:

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and if I don't see you later...well then...Good Night!

I'm confused. Maybe I am alone in this confusion; maybe some of you join me in this confusion. Maybe some of you could care less. What is up with arbitrarily increasing the numbers of appointments of people on Town Boards just so people who were not appointed (ostensibly for good reason) can get appointed. The Parks board recently increased its number from 9 appointed positions to 11 appointed positions just to get Lil Sayer appointed to the board.

I have a huge problem with this. We the people have made our decisions with regard to the people who have overstayed their welcome and caused so much trouble within the town. Any contribution that they have made in the past came with a price, and I, for one, am NOT willing to pay the price again.

We are barely a month into the new leadership of this town and we are going back to the same backroom dealings that we successfully enlightened our residents that this is the kind of crap they we are no longer interested in.

I respect the person who asked for the increase in the numbers of appointments to the parks board, but I am disappointed that this obvious increase in appointments was a move to placate one or two residents.

I have had quite enough of Lil Sayer. I have had quite enough of her modus operandi of putting the bugs in peoples ears, letting them take the heat, and then slipping back into the role of "queen puppeteer" with no blood on her hands.

I was very surprised to see the Mayor appoint Leslie Thiele to an at-large seat since he observed her contrariness as Council liaison to the Comp Plan Board. We don’t need a mayor with a big heart, we just had eight year of that nonsense. We need a leader who is willing to put personalities aside and make the tough choices. Leslie Thiele’s appointment was about hurt feelings and not the injurious effect she will have on the Comp Plan Board.

I would like to see a review of this "procedure" that it seems that our town council (and I believe the increase of the parks board was a unanimous vote among the council members) can "wave a wand" and poof...the people we wanted off the committee is right back on the committee.

I'm not as forgiving as it appears the council is. Lil Sayer sits on the Broward County Animal Control Board and advises against an ordinance that would ban the cruel chaining of dogs. Ask disgraced former Council Member Don Maines, I'm sure that's some "advise" he wished he never taken.

Lil Sayer ran the Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association into the ground, without one iota of regret or remorse and "misplaced" all of the books that 40 years worth of the SRHA had, simply saying, "I can't find them.”

Lil Sayer and Leslie Thiele, along with Susan Winn, made the Comp Planning Board, a complete waste of time and absolutely impaired any progress. To knowingly reappoint these people to these boards is a travesty bordering on immorality and an affront to those intending to serve with honest intentions. The behavior these people exhibited at board meetings would get them fired on a paying job, kicked out of an interest clubs (dog breeders, orchids, political), and ostracized from a family group. Unfortunately, in Southwest Ranches, we encourage this appalling conduct by asking then to continue to disrupt the good work of other town residents. It’s no wonder that the same tired souls serve year after year. These wonks and hacks that push their narrow, self-serving, misguided agendas scare off any new blood. Instead of service on a board being an honor to many participants, it becomes a drudge that many feel is not worth their time.

I do not want Lil Sayer on ANY boards! Leslie Thiele should not be allowed to continue to disrupt the Com Plan Board with her whining about her personal vendettas against the nurserymen. Why is it that this is being allowed? The Council should reconsider the expansion of two committees for people that do not feel that it is an honor to serve but an entitlement. An entitlement to continue their malfeasance, their misconduct, and wrongdoing in a public role. Please someone who reads this, explain why the council will allow this improper, dishonest conduct, by people who hold a position of trust, to me by going to and leave a comment after this post.

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays, even though it may sound like I'm carrying a grudge, I'm not. I'm carrying a message of sanity and the hope of moving forward leaving behind the baggage that is no longer needed.

That's all Folks!!!
Wanch Waggler


Anonymous said...

Dear Nome;

Your Email stated in more than one instance that you are dissatisfied with this obvious backroom dealing in order to expand the board and place people who you consider to be less than desirable. (I agree with some of your assement BTW) My question to you Nome is you could add creedance and relavance to you postings if your audience knew your credentials? For all we know you are some joker who is an escapee from a mental ward. Hope this helps.

PS the black backround on your blog makes it difficult to read.

Buford T. Justice said...

Dear Wanch Waggler:

Two comments for the price of one here. First of all I disagree in part with the post that immediately precedes my post. There is absolutely no reason for you to “give credence and relevance” to your fine work by identifying yourself to the few who have this burning desire to find out “who’s the man or woman behind the mask”. Anyone, in my opinion, who constantly wants some kind of proof of your existence, in my opinion wants to see a “Gnome” on the stand testifying! I for one hope you are an escapee from a mental ward, because it would prove right there that you have more sense that those who proclaim they have sense.

The word in GNOME folks, not Nome. Our Gnome need not reveal his or her identity and I encourage him or her never to do so. Look what happened to the poor guy who works for BSO? Look what he had to go through when the disgraced and ousted town councilman got a wild hair and set out to prove the identity of Wanch Waggler. Stop trying to “trick the Gnome” into revealing his/her identity by saying “BTW I agree with you Nome but I could agree with you better if I knew who you were.” This is not kindergarten.

Secondly Wanch Waggler, you are absolutely “spot on” with this message. I hope that a full investigation can be done because I too see us slipping (already) right back into the Podunk slime bucket that we just emerged from if stuff like this is allowed to continue.

I don’t want to know your true identity. I like you just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

I hope our current council receives these advisories and has sense enough to take heed.

Lil Sayre, it's time to take the hint and vacate any "advisory" positions that you now hold...nobody wants you just like they didn't want you in the SRHA. Take a hint...get lost and take your finger flipping JoAnne, Crazy whack job Wynn, the disappearing Susan, crazy azz Dale Lauretano, no nads hensley, cooky cookie, Laura “needs to be in a ward” Warren, and the always colorful Marlene Garcia-Montez Koala and her wimp husband and the rest of the thugs with you. Just go. Wanch Waggler has exposed you and your deceitful, power hungry, existence. Just Go! We can't stand you all any longer and we're wise to your self-serving agenda. Get lost.

Anonymous said...

The first comment was dead on!!

For all we know the "Gnome" is this person "Lil" trying to cause problems where none exist.

You people need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Ummm- is it me, or does anyone else think it odd that people with "anonymous" as their name wants to know the id of the Gnome??? THis is Debra Goff-Rose, aka Red-. I don't know who the Gnome is, and it doesn't make a bit of difference! WE ARE ALL INTITLED TO OUR OPINION. IF GNOME'S BOTHERS YOU, START YOUR OWN BLOG! I HATE TO STATE THE OBVIOUS, BUT... then again, I'm not home, and forgot my pasword, so guess I'll go with anonymous!

Wanch Waggler said...

Start your own Blog as Red suggests or just say it here; let the community know what you think it won't bother me, the Wanch has thick skin!
-- WW

Anonymous said...

Tony Vincent, stop writing to yourself!!! Is this the only way you can get satisfaction??? Poor sad guy. You are truly pitiful. Why don't you get a life. You aren't fooling anyone. SAD SAD person! You use your father to take the heat. How can you just stand there and allow people to think your dear father is the culprit??? Pitiful, just a pitiful disgusting person. My deepest sympathy to you!

Wanch Waggler said...

My name is not Tony Vincent, never has been, and never will be! I don't even look like him.

Tony Vincent said...

Let me answer this rant that I stumbled upon and inserted below.

My name is Tony Vincent. I am not Wanch Waggler. Whomever the anonymous writer is below has some serious issues. Let me be clear in saying I don't need your sympathy. If you think I'm "letting my dear father take the heat" why don't you just go ask my father? And regarding your statement that I am a "Pitiful, just a pitiful disgusting person" well maybe you should take a look in a mirror.

I don't know who you are and I really could care less. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Trying to bait me into a schoolyard fight by calling me names and insulting me just won't work. If you think that I am “Wanch Waggler and I'm fooling no one,” well then inspector Clusaue, the burden of proof is yours to bear.

If you have some kind of information that would prove your theory, well then, just take it into my employer like your guru politician did and see if you can convince the world that I am Wanch Waggler (remember to drop the anonymous cloak so they will entertain your complaint). If not, then do us all a favor and shut up!

I truly am honored that anyone would think I'm Wanch Waggler. But I'm just not that intelligent.

I'm also truly honored that in your hatred towards me, your political guru LOST the election, and if you think that I had anything to do with it, that is the greatest honor of all!

And to Wanch Waggler; I think you're great! Keep up the good work. If you're getting them this mad then you are most definitely doing something right!

"Anonymous said...
Tony Vincent, stop writing to yourself!!! Is this the only way you can get satisfaction??? Poor sad guy. You are truly pitiful. Why don't you get a life. You aren't fooling anyone. SAD SAD person! You use your father to take the heat. How can you just stand there and allow people to think your dear father is the culprit??? Pitiful, just a pitiful disgusting person. My deepest sympathy to you!

January 7, 2009 1:00 PM"